Flat Roof Repair Dallas, Texas

Commerical flat roofing

Flat roofs dominate the commercial roofing market and with good reason. There are so many different flat roofing types and all do an excellent job of protecting your building. Each roof has specific characteristics and offer different advantages. If you would like to learn more about flat roofing types and which would best suit your Dallas, Texas property, call on Hometown Commercial Roofing. Our associates are highly educated and will listen to your roofing requirements to help you determine the best roof for your structure. You can reach our offices at (800) 434-2231.

What is Going on With My Flat Roof?

Flat roofs are highly durable and can withstand a great deal of abuse, assuming the proper maintenance procedures have been implemented. A roof that has been neglected, on the other hand, stands a large chance of developing problems that would have otherwise been avoidable. Taking a proactive approach to your roofs care is the best and first way to keep your roof in working order. If you are interested in learning how Hometown Commercial Roofing team help protect your roofing investment, call today at (800) 434-2231.


Hail, wind, rain or trees are a few things that can damage your roofing system. Your insurance company will cover disasters such as these, hopefully with little to no frustration on your part. Weather related damages is a leading cause of flat roof repairs. Regardless of how your roof will be covered financially, the necessary flat roof repair services should be provided by a reliable and experienced commercial roofing contractor. With the large number of flat roofing types, it is important to hire a roofing company that understands your specific roof.

Roof vents and exhaust pipes are another area for concern. Seals that have weakened over time or been damaged in some way are areas that leaks can develop. Checking seals and all points of penetration on your Dallas, Texas flat roof is one of the first areas our technicians inspect when you have discovered a leak. We have tools and methods to quickly and correctly repair seals that have been compromised.

Whatever your roofs problems, Hometown Commercial Roofing has the ability to improve your asset in a timely and efficient manner. Working with our clients to provide high quality flat roof repairs is our area of expertise. Proudly serving Dallas, Texas and all surrounding communities. Call today for a no-obligation flat roof repair estimate at (800) 434-2231.