Roof Coating Cleburne, Texas

Have you heard of our roof coating systems? If you would like to join our ever-growing list of satisfied customers who have saved money and no longer have the stress that comes from a compromised roofing unit, please call us today. For those in the Cleburne, Texas area you can reach us at (800) 434-2231.

What Can a Coating Do for You?


Roof coatings could very likely be the solution to the problems your commercial roof is facing. Why continue to deal with leaks and other irritating roofing issues when a roof coating can quickly solve your buildings problems?

There is an extensive list of benefits that come with our professional roof coating. A few prime examples are:


  • Our roof coating systems are a more cost-effective solution when compared to a total roof replacement. Who doesn’t want a roof that will provide years of protection while saving them a large chunk of money?


  • This watertight roofing membrane is able to reflect up to 85% of harmful UV rays which aides in lowering annual energy costs by as much as 30%. Just another great way to save you money!

Recoating is an option

  • Every roofing unit, regardless of the material, will need to be replaced eventually. Save yourself the hassle of completely replacing your roof by having it coated with our roof coating system that can be recoated later on.

Economically friendly

  • Removing the added cost of landfill fees and the additional waste from new roofing materials is another great way to lessen your carbon footprint. Roof coatings are more economically green when compared to a total roof replacement.

Quick and efficient

  • Not only is our coating system extremely efficient your coating will be applied with minimal disruption to your business. Your students, staff, tenants or customers will be able to carry on just like any other day.

If you would like to learn more about our roof coating systems, we are here for questions. Please call us at (800) 434-2231, our knowledgeable staff will gladly talk to you about the many ways this system can help you.

Restoration Estimate

If you think a roof coating is something that your building could benefit from, Hometown Commercial Roofing would be happy to hear from you! For commercial and industrial buildings located in the Cleburne, Texas area please give us a call at (800) 434-2231.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you notice anything out of the ordinary for your specific roofing unit. Our team is here to help in any way we can.