Roof Inspection Dallas, Texas


If you are unsure of the last time your commercial roof was inspected and evaluated by a professional commercial roofing contractor it is in your best interest to contact the Hometown Commercial Roofing team. A roof is a costly necessity that requires specialized attention to reach its full potential. We know that property managers work hard to set aside a strict budget for roofs maintenance. It is because of this that our team has created a routine maintenance and roof inspection program to keep track of your roofs care for warranty purposes as well as budgeting reasons.

Let’s take a proactive approach to your roofs care with our scheduled roof inspection plan. Keeping your Dallas, Texas roof on the right track is our goal. Call today at (800) 434-2231 for an appointment.

Roof Inspection Checklist

Extensive industry studies show that roof inspections are most effective when performed twice a year. Typically, in the spring and again in the fall, just before the more extreme weather conditions in the summer and winter. It is never a good idea to just assume that your roof is fine, especially after damaging weather comes to town.

To keep your roof in tip-top shape our roof inspection check list verifies the following aspects of your roof:

  • Flashing condition
  • Proper drainage
  • Clogged gutters
  • Standing water
  • Damaged seams
  • Vegetation
  • Limbs and debris
  • Membrane shrinkage
  • Tears or blisters
  • Skylights
  • Roof Vents
  • All points of penetration

Our technicians are trained to spot signs of damage that is not always noticeable to the untrained eye. Some areas of damage are not as obvious as a lifting roof or interior water stains and leaks. Even the smallest leak can lead to extensive damage that could potentially lead to a premature roof replacement, which is not something anyone wants to hear. For clients new and old that are located in Dallas, Texas or any neighboring community, call on Hometown Commercial Roofing, your dependable, local roofing contractor. You can reach us at (800) 434-2231.

Roof Protection Plan

When a roof is not properly maintained it can cut is lifespan by as much as 50%, a rather large number for something so expensive. Don’t let mother nature and our hot Texas summers do a number on your roofing asset. Proudly serving Dallas, Texas with lasting commercial roofing services that are designed to maximize and protect your investment, Hometown Commercial Roofing hopes to hear from you soon.

Don’t delay, call today – (800) 434-2231.